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About Foundation

Foundation is a central liquidity hub with a turbo-charged orderbook trading engine, ensuring smooth trading experiences for traders and fostering exchange innovation for builders.
Concentrated Liquidity
Lighting Fast
Decentralized Freedom
Unified Liquidity Marketplace
A high-powered order book trading engine enabling seamless trading of assets across various blockchains, guaranteeing deep liquidity and minimal slippage
Maximum Transparency
Facilitated by our unique Exchange Explorer, all trades, matching orders, trading accounts, and reserves are openly monitorable in real-time by anyone
Permissionless Listing
Empowering projects to list their tokens without constraints, nurturing a truly open and dynamic market environment
Diverse Market Range
Offering a vast array of trading markets, from cryptocurrencies to commodities and forex, courtesy of our advanced perpetual synthetic trading engine
Open Ecosystem
Through robust APIs, developers can create unique protocols for market making and complex trading strategies in a trustless environment, enriching our trading ecosystem with cutting-edge solutions
“Ignition” - Q4 2023 (Accomplished)
Developed the first prototype in September 2023
Launched the alpha testnet versionin December 2023, underwent a month-long community trial.
“Orbit Preparation” - Q1 2024 (Now)
Launched beta testnet version at testnet.foundation.network, focusing on perpetual and spot trading functionalities and introducing the Exchange Explorer.
Testing our infrastructure and optimization
Launching an Engagement Points System to onboard Validators, Insurance Fund Contributors and Clearing Members
“Liftoff” - Q2 2024
Official launch of “Foundation” Mainnet version with key trading functionalities
Introducing Open Token Listings and API access for builders
Starting incentive programs to incentivize participation in our ecosystem
“Deep Space Journey” - 2025
"Foundation" will transition to its own sovereign blockchain, dedicated to enhancing crypto trading. This vital phase demonstrates our commitment to trustlessness and decentralization, aimed at ensuring the platform's future independence, sustainability, and self-reliance.
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